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The meat and livestock industry

Australia is a major player in the global meat and livestock industry with the majority of meat produced in Australia exported around the world. According to Meat and Livestock Australia the value of the off-farm beef and sheepmeat industry in Australia is worth AU$17 billion.

This is an industry that has existed in Australia since the first fleet's arrival and continues to grow with an ever increasing global demand for Australia's green and safe meat products.

In today's commercial and regulatory environment there is an ever increasing need for detailed and accurate information from livestock breeding through to food services and retail stores in overseas markets.

Consumers are demanding an increasing level of transparency about the food they eat. Data42 has detailed knowledge and expertise needed to understand the information flows along the whole meat and livestock supply chain.

This knowledge and expertise enables Data42 to provide solutions that meet the complex needs of our many clients.

Working with big data along the many diverse parts of the supply chain, and linking that data to create a whole supply chain view, is a key requirement of our clients.

At Data42, we meet this requirement using 25 years of proven supply chain information management models, big data analytical tools and the latest data management technology.

Management for Technology Pty Ltd

Meat and livestock industry consulting

Data42 through Management for Technology Pty Ltd has been providing supply chain traceability and information management consulting service to the meat and livestock industry for more than 25 years.

A lot of the research and projects we have done are published as industry reports, videos and other presentations (review our library to see some of these reports).

Often we participate in collaborative research where multiple disciplines are brought together to conduct research. We take ideas, or questions and design, and construct research projects to evaluate an idea or to determine the answer to a question.

Our solutions are original, innovative and often unexpected, utilising the latest technology with creative applications.

Our clients

Meat & Livestock Australia Meat Standards Australia Australian Country Choice Australian Meat Processor Corporation Australian Pork Quirindi Feedlot Services


Interactive training programs

Because the meat and livestock industry is based on animals, each and every one is different. This means that training resources must have a high level of flexibility and variability to suit any varied requirements.

The training is not like building a bicycle, where each component is known and easily defined. In the world of meat and livestock, the process is continually variable, with different sizes, weights, shapes and market requirements across the industry.

Our interactive training systems have the flexibility to suit the complexities of the meat and livestock industry requirements to deliver training content via online, CD, download or as an installable application and often utilise interactive quizzes and videos produced by Data42's Initmedia.

Our clients

National Meat Industry Training Advisory Council Limited Meat Standards Australia AUS-MEAT Australian Meat Processor Corporation Australian Meat Industry Council

Animal Health Data

Animal Health Data

The Animal Health Data system collects data from more than 30 feedlots representing more than 500,000 head of feed. The benefits for the feedlots submitting data is the ability to have weekly access to this huge feedlot benchmarking and health performance reporting service.

The Animal Health Data system, when authorised by our clients, integrates feedlot production and health data, livestock vendor data, slaughter data and MSA grading data. This collective data set undergoes multifactorial analysis and the results reported to our clients.

The Animal Health Data system provides answers to our clients that would otherwise be forever hidden in their data. Data42 operates the Animal Health Data system in partnership with Quirindi Feedlot Services and Bovine Dynamics.

Our clients

Meat & Livestock Australia Quirindi Feedlot Services Bovine Dynamics



eFORM system provides a low cost solution for Government and Regulatory electronic forms that meet statutory declaration requirements.

Each declaration form is uniquely identified both internally and by serialisation on the printed form. Each user account is secured and only permits the completion of declaration forms that are authorised for that specific user account.

The declaration form is pre-completed with required detail about the specific user account such as name, address and user account. The declaration forms can be configured so only one original set of forms can be printed and each subsequent copy either printed or emailed is marked as 'Duplicate'.

The declaration form originals / duplicates can be set as multiple part forms with each page marked as 'Vendor', 'Receiver', Transport, etc.

This approach mimics existing paper based declaration forms. Data42 (through Management for Technology Pty Ltd) developed the eFORM system in 2006 and the system today has more than 50,000 users and generates over 200,000 declaration forms per year.

Data42 operates the eFORM system on behalf of clients including Meat and Livestock Australia.

Our clients

Meat & Livestock Australia Meat Standards Australia National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme

Meat Messaging

Meat Messaging meatmessaging.info

The Meat Messaging system is an industry program for the creation, sending, receiving, attestation statements and compliance declaration of meat products (carton/case, carcases, carcase portions, pallets, bulk packs and containers) for the global trade of meat products.

Meat Messaging assists exporters, importers and regulatory authorities with the authenticity, verification and traceability of meat products. All carton/case, carcases, carcase portions, pallets, bulk packs and containers are identified using the GS1 standards.

The Meat Messaging system does not replace existing regulatory requirements, Meat Messaging assists and supplements these requirements.

Data42 operates the Meat Messaging system, with AUS-MEAT administering the program on behalf of the Australian meat industry.

Our clients


Meat cold store


MeatColdStore.com is a commercial portal providing small meat wholesalers with a low cost online inventory management and sales order system. Conventional warehouse and sales order systems lack the necessary features needed for effective and efficient management of meat products.

Typical requirement for managing meat products includes the need for customers to order in carton quantities and be invoiced in kilograms where the weight can only be determined at the time of loadout. Other requirements include the need to track every carton for unique weight measurement as well as production data such as production dates.

Cartons can also go from chilled inventory to frozen inventory, making inventory management difficult. Data42 owns and operates the MeatColdStore.com system.

Meat Standards Australia

myMSA mymsa.com.au

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) was developed by the Australian red meat industry to improve the eating quality consistency of beef and sheepmeat.

MSA is a grading system proven to take the guess work out of buying and cooking Australian beef and lamb. All products identified with the MSA symbol have met strict criteria to ensure they achieve consumer expectations for tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

Data42 (through Management for Technology Pty Ltd) first worked with MSA in 1997 in the development and technical operation of the data collection systems and large scale databases. Today, the myMSA.com.au system has over 20 million grading records and more than 50,000 users.

Our clients

Meat & Livestock Australia Meat Standards Australia

Horse records

Horse records horse-records.com.au

Horse records provides an online system for the recording and reporting on horse movements and meets the biosecurity requirements in Australia and specific state legislations for moving and recording horse movement.

Data42 developed and maintains the horse records online system for Quirindi Feedlot Services to meet the requirement of their feedlots clients.

Our clients

Quirindi Feedlot Services