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Why we stand out from the crowd

We are a small team of specialists that get called when problems are complex or span large areas of the meat supply chain. We have the experience and knowledge to answer the supply chain information questions when others don't even know where to begin.

Being small with a huge depth of knowledge and experience allows us to rapidly assess the requirements of a project, and determine what is feasible, cost effective and deliverable.

We tell it like it is. If a project or proposed program is flawed, we can show the short comings and what needs to be done to make it work. This saves our clients both time and money by providing options that can be rapidly determined, designed, developed and implemented. That is why our clients keep coming back time and time again.

Our teams are small, agile and dynamic. They can respond to the changing demands and environment as changes occur.

The teams as a whole, as well as each team member, takes responsibility for the project or program from beginning through to operational implementation. Our team members own what they do and pride themselves on the quality of what they deliver.

Our history

Our history spans more that 25 years providing solutions to the global meat and livestock industry for:

  • supply chain information management,
  • traceability,
  • industry benchmarking,
  • product provenance solutions,
  • industry research and
  • industry programs.

The company was started and is still managed by Des Bowler who brings more than 35 years information technology experience as well as meat industry supply chain knowledge.

Data42 has a number of trading divisions and programs that have been implemented over the last 25 years, including:

  • 'Management for Technology Pty Ltd' (industry consulting),
  • 'Initmedia' (interactive training programs),
  • 'Animal Health Data' (data warehouse, benchmarking and analysis system),
  • 'eFORM' (on-line regulatory declaration form system) and
  • 'MeatMessaging.com' (meat industry carton logistics portal).

We remain a small agile team to ensure we don't lose our in-depth relationship with the operational aspects of the meat and livestock industry. We want to keep the personal relationship with our clients that often gets lost as companies grow.

As technology evolves we will continue to be at the leading edge and provide assistance to our clients with making sound decisions related to information solutions along the meat and livestock supply chains.

What we believe

At Data42 there are a number of defining principles that we believe each of our valued staff are inspired to embrace and follow. Below are the principles as viewed by our valued staff:

  • You are encouraged to express your ideas and options. New ideas and solutions to problems come from keen minds.
  • You are encouraged to take ownership for the work you do and how your work is perceived in the eyes of the client. Taking ownership empowers you to strive to perform at your best.
  • Being part of a team means you are responsible for the success or failure of the team, the research, the project or the program.
  • You are encouraged to see and understand the whole picture. The actions and tasks you perform impact across the whole team, the research, project or program.
  • If something does not look right, you are the person that will raise your hand, ask the hard questions and be the catalyst to ensure the client requirements are filled and surpassed.
  • Being a small dynamic company means that the work you do today will be seen by the client today. Our clients know each person that works on their research, projects or programs.